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1800s Man Tank Top

Sometimes a t-shirt might not be enough to keep cool on a hot summer day. We've got the solution for that: a loose, drape style tank top. This American Apparel tank top is bearing ..


MotherWar Logo Navy Sweatshirt

Keep yourself warm with this soft American Apparel sweatshirt, chest-stamped with our humble logo.The MotherWar Logo is printed on a navy comfortable classic sweatshirt, with..


Sailor Rose Cranberry T-Shirt

Rise, sailor Rose! The rebellion of the stereotypes is ongoing strong. Nobody sees you as a villain anymore. Trust your instincts and inhale the evil scent of misconception.Sailor ..

MST by Sergiu Mara

MST by Sergiu Mara

"I am self-taught graphic designer/photographer with a strong passion and consideration for the visual arts. Constantly trying to learn new aspects of the craft and develop my skills, with every new creation I try to capture all my beliefs and affections from a specific moment in time in a comprehensible visual form."
Chris Devour

Chris Devour

"I am a photographer based in Bucharest, Romania. I have a BA in International relations and european studies but my true passion is photography and digital art. Everything I know about photography, has been achieved through lots of practice and small steps everyday."
MST by Sergiu Mara

Valentin Dolhan

"I’m a student currently working towards my architecture master’s degree. My journey started in Oradea, a city in Romania, the place where I was born and raised. In my 24 years of life experience, I managed to travel around a bit. Whether it was Europe or Asia, I realized that creative design is a universal language and something worth pursuing. My general interest lies in powerful communication mediums, whether it is architecture, fashion or graphic design."

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MotherWar Apparel-Designer Apparel for men and womenMotherWar is an apparel company focused on daring design creation and offering the most awesome printed apparel collections. Each designer has its own style and take on what harmonious design should be within each collection. Get your t-shirts, tank tops, hoodies, headwear and other cool accessories at MotherWar!


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