About Mother War

We are a small apparel company, built with a sense of acceptance, of power, of defiance, of rising above.

MotherWar has been established by two best friends, Chris & Vali.

MotherWar's background story goes like this: In 2010, my father was diagnosed with cancer. I think most of you know where this story goes, but allow me to elaborate a little. He lived with this terrible disease for 3 years, up until he passed away on a dreadful day in january 2013. During these 3 years, my mother stood beside him every single day, took care of him, basically dedicated all of her time to helping my father and trying to make him better. This woman is my hero, she is my life. The moment that struck me the most happened in the last few days of my father's life, during his surge(a boost of energy, before the final moments of a person's life), when lying in bed, he took my mother's hand, kissed it, and thanked her. MotherWar is a tribute to my mother, a person who went to hell and back to make my father well again. The sacrifices she made gave me a new perspective on life. MotherWar is an apparel that represents not just the mothers, but any living thing that puts its needs beneath someone else's that requires aid. We are not always alone.

From pain, perseverance rises. We have worked so hard to make this dream come true, and it's finally here. I know this isn't your usual About Us page, but that's the point. I want you guys to know that we are like a family here at MotherWar, we take care of each other, and honestly, I felt comfortable with you to write the lines above. Remember, love and kindness conquers all.




P.S: I miss you, dad.



MotherWar Apparel-Designer Apparel for men and womenMotherWar is an apparel company focused on daring design creation and offering the most awesome printed apparel collections. Each designer has its own style and take on what harmonious design should be within each collection. Get your t-shirts, tank tops, hoodies, headwear and other cool accessories at MotherWar!


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