MotherWar Apparel's Do it yourself BLACK FRIDAY
Proudly announcing our first ever DO IT YOURSELF Black Friday. We know, Black Friday is almost always about the clients and the community surrounding a brand. It's about giving your customers an experience and about showing them the appreciation they deserve with a more or less size-able discount. It has also sadly become in recent years an event overshadowed by the greed of some companies who chose to lift the prices of their products before the discount period only to drop them back at their initial values when the time came. It has also become a quite stressful experience for customers who ''hunt'' their ''click in the first 30 seconds of the promotion before they go sold out'' products. All in all, this particular event has lost its initial fun factor.
Remembrance and Dedication
It feels like time just speeds up and it never stops. This is not a happy blog entry. It has everything to do with looking back. Sadly, we all find ourselves looking back at one point in our lives when something went wrong, especially when you loose a loved one. It seems like everyone has to go through that sooner or later. Chris and I share the same unfortunate history when it comes to losing someone to cancer. My grandfather passed away on the 15th of February, 2015 and while that is quite recent, it seems like ages have gone by.
Mother's Day is here!
Hello everyone! Spring is almost over, taking the allergies along with it. Yay! Mother's Day is arriving quickly, a holiday we hold dearly in our hearts. It's a day in which we celebrate our own creators, our mothers. The thing is that this holiday should last 365 days a year, not just one day. We should surprise our mothers with a flower not only on this day or on her birthday, but as often as we get the chance. They deserve it. - MotherWar Partnership
Yes, we've finally done it! We have partnered with Cancer Research UK to gather funds towards research for a cure for cancer. Cancer Research UK is a worldwide charity set towards beating cancer, and they're doing an awesome job! Here is a short description of their charity organization
Two years have gone so fast
The date of this article reads 8th of January 2015. It's been two years since my father passed, on 8th of January 2013. Green Day's song, Wake Me up When September Ends, keeps playing in my head. Billie Joel(frontman of Green Day) makes a valid point...
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