MST by Mara Sergiu

I am self-taught graphic designer/photographer with a strong passion and consideration for the visual arts. Constantly trying to learn new aspects of the craft and develop my skills, with every new creation I try to capture all my beliefs and affections from a specific moment in time in a comprehensible visual form. History, books and following the mind of other creative people in the industry play a crucial role in inspiring me.

1800s Man Sweatshirt

1800s man sweatshirt fits perfectly into the spring/fall clothing line, with a comfortable and soft construction. A sweatshirt for men, women and so on, it will keep you warm on th..


1800s Man T-Shirt

1800s man t-shirt design is the perfect way to make a statement. This is the original 1800s man meme, a.k.a Overly Manly Man. No, it isn't, we're just kidding. But this is one hell..


1800s Man Tank Top

Sometimes a t-shirt might not be enough to keep cool on a hot summer day. We've got the solution for that: a loose, drape style tank top. This tank top is bearing one of the best d..


Amish Girl Sweatshirt

Amish Girl design is the perfect graphic statement to display on a comfy sweatshirt. This stretchy sweater is one of the best clothing tops to wear on cool evenings. Specially made..


Amish Girl T-Shirt

Amish Girl design, printed on a 100% cotton crewneck t-shirt, is a great addition to the Headful collection. The graphic t-shirt blends very well with the design. Amish Girl tells ..


Amish Girl Tank Top

On hot summer days, sometimes a t-shirt is not enough to keep you cool. Our solution to that is Amish Girl Tank Top, a loose, drape style white tank top, guaranteed to keep your bo..



1800s Man is a charming gentleman, untouched by technology and social condition advancements, trying to maintain the perfect 'fancy-at-every-occasion' look through the chaotic-fash..

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